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Yes.Fit Yaaaaaas!

Damn right that’s a Sherlock Holmes running medal. Where?, you cry, was that race? I need that medal!

If you’re like me and you run for the swag, have I found the site for you: Yes.Fit. Yeah baby!

Yes.Fit is a virtual race website that maps out your race in an apropos area on google. For Sherlock I “ran” in London, and could log on to the website and see the path I would have taken if I actually did the race there. I’ve always wanted to go to London, haven’t been, but now I’ve run a race there! Sorta, but it’s good enough for me!

This is just what I needed to motivate me after months of dragging ass. There is a huuuuge selection of virtual races of varying lengths that you complete on your own schedule. Once you’ve run the miles for the race, *poof*! They send you your medal, or tee, or both. It’s like a Christmas miracle.

Sherlock Holmes was actually a cheat race, by accident. I’m linked up to the race via my Apple Watch, and it also logged miles I walked in the house, with the dogs, while shopping….I had to change my entry’s to manual instead of automatic.

I’m not gonna cheat this time. Swear.

For my next race – THE LITTLE MERMAID!! The medal is amaaaaazing, and I’m currently running in Copenhagen, so beat that!


BTW, I’m not getting paid by them. The medal is legit too – all heavy and a good size with a nice ribbon. I wore it in the house. My husband thinks I’m insane (it’s part of my charm).