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Tully – A Review

I have a bias toward Charlize – I think she’s pretty amazing, ever since her movie “Young Adult”. “Tully” is similar – everyday life through someone else’s eyes. It’s kind of dark, kind of fun, and it’s got some cringe.

My life has lots of cringe. Doesn’t everyone’s? Don’t sometimes you just want to witness the cringe?

I liked the movie, mostly because it’s good to see someone else going through day-to-day struggles. Everything now is so “highlight reel” on social media, that yes, I would like to see someone mess up, be tired and slouchy, and not give af about their hair. Whilst I do love me some Nolan movies with grand soundscapes and visual onslaught, the quietness of this movie was a nice reprieve. The sound of a door slamming, or plopping a big purse on a chair, fumbling for the alarm clock – these are sounds of our life that we overlook but seem to play a role in the story, reminding me that I am in someone’s everyday life, not a sweeping, conceptual, digitized entertainment masterpiece. There was no alarm-clock-fumbling in Avengers – Civil War.

I didn’t walk away with a huge emotional payoff, but it put me in a more contemplative mood. I suspect that I will be thinking about it over the next several days, which to me is a sign of a good story. It’s worth watching, especially by moms. It’s nice to see milk-engorged boobs having their day on the screen.

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